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10 J. Oh, J. Kim, J. T. Song, K. M. Baek, S. H. Cho, Y. S. Jung
"Method of Manufacturing Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrates"

Korea Patent Application, No. 10-2017-0140942, Korea (2017)

9 J. Oh, S. Park
"Method for Manufacturing Compound Semiconductor Using Germanium Subsrate Having Pore Layer"

Korea Patent Application, No. 10-2017-0049167,  Korea (2017)

8 B. Shin, J. Kim, J. Oh, S. Park
"Solar Cell Based on Chalcogenide Using New Conceptional Structure and Manufacturing Method Thereof"

Korea Patent, 10-1667180-0000, Korea (2016).

7 I.-D. Kim, S. Yu, J. Kim, J. Oh
"Two-Dimensional Layered Metal Sulfide Anchored to Hollow Carbon Nanofibers as Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalysts and Manufacturing Method Thereof"

Korea Patent, 10-1818817, Korea (2018).

6 J. Oh, H.-C. Yuan, and H.M. Branz
"Efficient black silicon photovoltaic devices with enhanced blue response"

US Patent Application, Serial No. PCT/US11/2747, USA (2011).

5 J. Oh, and H.M. Branz
"Improved semiconductor electrode for photoelectrochemistry"

US Provisional Application, Serial No. 61/407822, USA (2010).

4 J. Oh, Y.-H. Yang, K. Im, C.-G. Ahn, W.-j. Cho, and S. Lee
"MOSFET device and method for manufacturing the same"

Korea Patent Application, No. 10-2003-0091886, Korea (2003).

3 J. Oh, Y.-H. Yang, K. Im, C.-G. Ahn, W.-j. Cho, and S. Lee
"Method for fabricating a SOI MOSFET device having elevated source/drain by using reflow process"

Korea Patent Application, No. 10-2003-91335, Korea (2003).

2 W. Cho, J.-H. Yang, M. G. Jang, S. Lee, K. Park, K. Im, J. Oh
"Fabrication method of ultra-small SOI MOSFET device structure"

Patent, Applied, United State of America, Japan, Korea (2002).

1 K.-B. Kim, J. Oh, E. Yoon, T. Hyeon, J. Cheon, Y.-J. Cheong, Y. H. Huh
"The apparatus and method to align quantum dots on substrates"

Patent , 2001-31716, Korea (2001).